Würth Logistics Center

Place Capena
Country Italy
Client Würth s.r.l.
Team Politecnica Ingegneria e Architettura
Assignment preliminary, definitive, detailed design phases, health and safety coordination in the construction phase, site supervision
Dates of services 2001 - 2005
Dates of construction 2004 - 2008
Project area 200.000 m2
Building footprint 26.000 m2

The Project

Würth company, world leader in professional assembling and fastening products and systems, completed the planned programme for its industrial development in Italy with the functional completion of the existing Logistic Centre in Capena, creating an organic complex of buildings and outbuildings for the administrative management , storage, packing and shipping of the marketed products.

The industrial nature of the intervention is accompanied by the need to give aesthetic values under the architectural point of view to the intervention, in order to make it compatible with the surrounding environment and to add completely different and complementary functions to the main one: the multifunctional building includes an exhibition gallery , administrative offices, a conference room and other ancillary spaces.

The overall design of the new Logistics Centre, followed entirely by Politecnica, is born from the relationship with the surrounding environment, upgrading it following the needs of the Würth Company functional requirements under the production point of view. The development optimized the comfort of the employers in their production activities, in line with the quality standards required at corporate level. Through technical and manufacturing choices and adoption of materials congruent with the objectives of economy and sustainability, the project provides formal quality values ​​, in line with the development of modern architecture language.

The new activities go along those already carried out in the old office building and adjacent warehouse and develop through the construction of four new buildings named A – B – D – E. Building A is intended for logistics activities basic, B for storage and retrieval of conventional and flammable goods, D building accomodates the canteen and dining hall staff, managerial offices, museum and exhibition space. The intervention is complerted by the D Management block devoted i to the production and coordination services of Würth Phoenix subsidiary.

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