Masterplan of Pristina

Place Pristina
Client Municipality of Pristina
Team Politecnica Ingegneria e Architettura, A-Design
Assignment Strategic and territorial planning
Dates of services 2012 - 2013
Project area 500.000 m2

The Project

After the war, the city of Pristina experienced a remarkable, sprinkling urban growth due to the intense migration flowing from all over Kosovo.

This continuous flow of people looking for better living and working conditions caused various problems such as insufficient service infrastructure, lack of public space and services for residents (especially for green areas, recreational facilities and services to young people accounting for 35% of the total population), intense use of natural and agricultural land with poor enhancement and conservation of cultural heritage.

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) by Politecnica featured the key element in revising Kosovo’s local planning system. The MDP integrated and multidisciplinary approach provided a new, innovative understanding of the city key themes such as mobility, services, society, environment, natural resources and landscape protection as well as economic growth and local development.

Territorial development

The MDP is targeted on those issues, which are closely related to sustainable development and social cohesion goals. This strategic and multi-sector plan does, in fact, cover the entire municipal territory, being developed with the contribution of stakeholders, local and national authorities.

Typical actions: creation of a road network with a clear hierarchy and aimed at diverting traffic around the city and limiting the misuse of urban roads. Strengthening the functional role and urban image of the city center with the organization of a strong urban axis that develops along the railway line.

The MDP Masterplan offered a territorial concept capable of ensuring cohesive transformation actions, thus monitoring their effectiveness. Such concept approach provided guiding principles to all stakeholders, involved resources and transformation policies in Pristina area, turning it into one of the greatest development centers in the Balkans. The MDP Masterplan was approved by Pristina Municipal Assembly on May 16 2013.

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