MEF – Enzo Ferrari Museum

Place Modena
Country Italia
Client Fondazione Casa Natale di Enzo Ferrari - Museo
Team Politecnica Ingegneria e Architettura; Future Systems
Assignment Progettazione preliminare, progettazione definitiva, progettazione esecutiva, coordinamento della sicurezza in fase di progettazione, direzione lavori, coordinamento della sicurezza in fase di esecuzione
Dates of services 2006 - 2008
Dates of construction 2009 - 2012
Project area 10.000 m2
Building footprint 5.000 m2

Il progetto

The Enzo Ferrari Museum is located 200 meters north-east of the old town center of Modena; work started in April 2009 and were completed in the spring of 2012.  The objective of the project was to enhance a very important element of the cultural, historical and tourist heritage of the area of Modena, represented by Enzo Ferrari and the culture of cars and engines.

The museum complex of over 5,000 square meters includes the house in which the Drake was born in 1898. In front of it, the new exhibition gallery was built, with the famous aluminum “bonnet” that envelops the birth house without dominating it, like an open hand.

The exhibition gallery is the heart of the whole construction: the double sweep covering in polished painted aluminum and the façade, which also has a complex curved geometry, with curved brise-soleil and shiny metal façade-border, are the elements that convey the “car design” and radiator grille concept, respectively.

This is a high energy saving and high environmental sustainability museum project, as it was designed according to bioclimatic principles and constructed with state-of-the-art materials and system solutions; in particular, a geothermal system was used with the application of vertical geothermal probes to supply the radiant air conditioning systems.

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