New “Felettino” Hospital

Place La Spezia
Country Italy
Client I.R.E. Infrastrutture Recupero Energia Agenzia Regionale Ligure S.p.A.
Team Politecnica Ingegneria ed Architettura Soc. Coop.
Assignment Update of the technical and economic feasibility project
Dates of services 2020 - 2021
Building footprint 85.200 m2

The Project

The new 175 million project envisages a building similar to the old hospital design but renovated, more technological and adapted to the new regulations, with 8 floors, 506 beds and an increase in the number of intensive care units. The previous design has been redefined in its functions and internal services, respecting the volume, according to the indications obtained during the start-up phase of the project with the active participation of ASL 5, which ended with a formal presentation to the Region.

The start of the update of the technical-economic feasibility study, as well as the choices for the modification and implementation of the healthcare layouts, have been carried out by Politecnica’s designers in order to respond to the need for reconfiguration of the Ligurian hospital network, in accordance with the provisions in the Regional Strategic Planning in progress (P.S.R. 2017/2019).

The intervention is strategic in order to meet the many challenges related to the epidemiological, regulatory, economic and financial changes that are affecting and transforming the national and regional health system, particularly after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new “Felettino” hospital is designed with energy and technological innovation in mind, following the principles of circular design to meet the highest standards of efficiency, functional flexibility and user comfort.

As a first step, in the area where, until 2018, there was a main building dating back to the 1930s – known as the “Felettino Hospital” – and some smaller buildings – partly functional to the hospital and partly unused – demolition works were completed and excavation works for the new building were largely carried out.

The building is made up of four buildings arranged in a radial pattern, identified from west to east by numbers 1 to 4, rising to 8 floors. The general distribution of the various services in the building is aimed at achieving a different degree of permeability of the structure, with respect to the needs expressed by the visitors, according to the general scheme: services for the general public, outpatients’ services, emergency, inpatient services.

In particular, floor 0 has all the public reception services, a conference centre, a playroom and a worship room. This is where all the Directorates (Hospital Health and Nursing) and the Preventive Medicine Service are based, to allow synergy in the implementation of information and prevention campaigns.

There are large glazed courtyards in the central connective spine of the building, which will illuminate the connecting and sorting corridors of the internal routes. The design takes into account the Minimum Environmental Criteria or CAM, aimed at contributing substantially to achieving the national objective of energy savings throughout the building’s life cycle.

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