Lamborghini Automobili Paint Shop

Place Sant’Agata Bolognese
Country Italy
Client Automobili Lamborghini Spa
Team Politecnica
Assignment Preliminary, definitive, detailed design phases for architecture, structures, MEP, health and safety coordination in the design and construction phases, site supervision
Dates of services 2016 - 2019
Dates of construction 2017 - 2019
Project area 17.880 m2
Building footprint 15.865 m2

The Project

As part of the expansion of the historic Lamborghini Automobili production site located in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Politecnica has designed, with an integrated and multidisciplinary approach, the new production unit to paint car chassis and components. The production process complexity demanded a constant and punctual work of analysis and translation of technological and logistical needs since the beginning of the concept study.

Image from the top of the Lamborghini Automobili production site with the new Paint Shop under construction

Throughout the design process and the works management phases, the task of listening to-and sharing with- the experts and the process technologies suppliers was never discontinued, thus responding to the client’s needs and constantly complying with standards and constraints.
The new Paint Shop is simple and linear in shape, featuring what has long been considered Lamborghini’s distinctive elements thanks to a precise use of colours and lines, perfectly fitting in the production site context.

The main structure, made up of two juxtaposed parallelepipeds characterized by the horizontal slits of the ribbon windows, is complemented by the canopy, smaller in volume, forming the chassis access point on the eastern side, and by the two external stairwells which, with the diagonal cut of their coating, define the main front facing the major road axis of the production site.

Into the building the production areas (manual and automatic booths, laboratories and paint preparation areas, automated warehouse and oven area), the office/changing rooms, the technical service areas and all types of routes are clearly separated from each other. The north staircase block provides the access to the visitors’ itinerary, leading from the internal area to the first floor, where the robotic paint booths are located, enhancing  the appreciation of the peculiarities of the entire production process.

Craftsmanship and digitalization were combined in Lamborghini Paint Shop thanks to the multidisciplinary development implemented by Politecnica. The new technologies introduced in the production cycle are all inspired by the Industry 4.0 concept where modularity, flexibility and maximum customization are the key words of the new development model.

The new painting system enables Lamborghini to offer its customers endless color options, divided into four categories: standard, special, matt and “Ad Personam”. The last option offers the clients not only to customize the car with personalized colors and graphics, but also to have a unique and special color produced for them as in a real work of art.

Politecnica’s focus on energy consumption and environmental issues adds the finishing touches to the intervention. Inside the building, classified as energy Class 1, it was in fact necessary to integrate the existing Energy Hub by introducing high-efficient elements such as water-cooled magnetic levitation chillers, for heat and cooling production.