Polytechnic of Milan University
Bovisa-La Masa Campus

Place Milan
Country Italy
Client Polytechnic of Milan University
Team Politecnica Ingegneria ed Architettura
Assignment Project Management, preliminary, definitive, detailed design phases for architecture, structures, MEP, health and safety coordination in the design and construction phases, quality control
Dates of services 2019

The Project

Politecnica has been collaborating with Politecnico di Milano since January 2019 providing integrated engineering and architectural services for the construction and completion of numerous works within Lot 4 of Campus Bovisa-La Masa.

The interventions, which for simplicity’s sake can be enclosed in three different destinations, all concern the realization of works at the service of the current buildings of the University Campus. The set of activities carried out can range, for each of the three interventions, from the feasibility study and coordination of preliminary investigations to the design development of all phases and the general coordination of the intervention and related Quality Control.

Politecnica, with the aim of facilitating the Client in the future management and control of the interventions, has adopted for each individual project an approach and vision oriented towards the achievement of the highest quality, speed and certainty in terms of time and costs. Thanks to the most advanced methods of Project Management and the use of BIM, it has always ensured the growing improvement of the organization and delivery of all services provided.

The first of the three interventions carried out concerns the construction of the new high-performance Trigeneration Plant. The new building, together with the adaptation of the related energy distribution networks, meets the energy needs of the entire Campus thanks to the combined production of electricity, heat and refrigeration. The new plant will produce hot and chilled water, which depending on the seasons and the various needs, will be used for the heating and air conditioning processes of the University.

The construction of the new nZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building) certified Experimental Building and of a laboratory building represent the second intervention of Politecnica. The two buildings, called “Edzen” and “Building 8”, will house laboratories and offices for the staff of the Electrochemistry and Energy Departments now located in the Bassini Campus of Città Studi and are designed with a strong vocation for energy saving thanks to the use of renewable resources. Their realization will allow the settlement within the Campus of many functions that are today decentralized.

The last intervention concerns the redevelopment of the B8 building that will lead to the construction of the new MADE Competence Center. A new space of 2,500 square meters that will host multifunctional areas, technological laboratories and demonstration rooms, where it will be possible to train small and medium enterprises, accompanying them in the natural path of innovation and transformation.

An intervention that aims at the development and diffusion of the new digital factory model, able to generate the right synergy between public and private thanks to advanced training and sharing of know-how, founding principles of the new Industry 4.0.

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