New Hospital of Sassari

Place Sassari
Country Italy
Client Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria di Sassari
Team Politecnica Ingegneria e Architettura, CF Møller, Metassociati Architettura Ingegneria Urbanistica, SPA Studio Professionisti Associati
Assignment Preliminary Design Phase
Dates of services 2015
Project area 65.500 sqm m2
Building footprint 38.800 sqm m2

The Project

The design of the new hospital facility was an important challenge as different requests came into play – the city, the territory, the urban mobility and the hospital. In a urban complex area where the hospital area is divided by the San Pietro boulevard with the surface metro crossing it, it was certainly not an easy task to make the two businesses, hospital and university, combined. The project is aimed at re-organizing the hospital complex of Sassari in order to create a new efficient hospital facility.

The main purpose is to build a hospital complex drawing inspiration from the full integration of the university component with the hospital one, by overcoming the duplication of the facilities for the sake of an organizational pattern where education, assistance and research can harmoniously be developed, relying on the full range of possibilities offered by a big hospital complex.

The project’s aim is the overall re-organization of the Hospital Complex of Sassari that, also with the areas subject to change, provides for a total 808 beds allocated in the different departments, 132 of which are in the new Mother & Child building.

The architectural idea of the new project is to make the eastern area of the hospital more real, by creating a very new iconic Mother & Child building, serving as trait d’union. The public path is one and goes around the main entrance. The new circular design building is therefore the final prospect of the new San Pietro boulevard, turned into a pedestrian and green area and, together with the building including the main entrance and the new staircase square, creates the new city center.

The new Mother & Child Building has also its own dedicated entrance and is linked to the main entrance through the passage above San Pietro boulevard. The long-term childcare area is located around a circular route that, due to the nature of the circle, reduces the prospect of the corridors creating a kind of sections of areas and functions along the corridors. The long-term childcare area has access to a terrace reserved to children’s play area.

The project also includes the construction of the new parking area on the underground levels of the Mother & Child Building and a second one inside the facility under the square.

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