We bring each person’s ideas to life and each person is at the centre of Politecnica.

The sharing culture underlies our way of working, which enables us to tackle all professional challenges every day.

Values we believe in:


Politecnica is one of the biggest Italian integrated design firms – architecture, engineering and urban planning – with thousands of projects developed in Italy and worldwide in the last 40 years.

Every day new challenges, with new ideas.

We have a big picture while remaining excellent experts in the project development in all fields, public and private, education and healthcare, industry and service.

We promote the exchange of technical and managerial skills. Dialogue, discussion and participation are the instruments for sharing ideas and projects that facilitate the personal and professional development of Politecnica people.

Creativity, freedom of expression and international standing: these are some of the aspects that Politecnica people can experience every day.

We firmly believe in the value of training.

We invest in professional development training that is complemented by hands-on experience within the expert teams and specialist training.

Day by day, our people give voice to the future of Politecnica.