Design for the future, “progress is for everyone”

Politecnica has a special inclination to assist local government authorities in the spatial planning. We work with our dedicated urban planning team in all areas, from the development of the master plans and the environmental social impact assessment (ESIA) to the preliminary land-use plans.

In particular, we build on two strengths: the ability to assist our clients with a big picture of the complexity and the new technologies, and the specific management of the participatory process of the communities involved, both in Italy and abroad.

We are the experts of the participatory and consensual planning that involves institutions, local administrations, communities from the preliminary stages, with the aim to bring the intents together to the benefit of the whole territory and the end-users. This is a fundamental aspect in the relevant measures of reorganization of the territorial fabric to identify and create shared benefits.

In the planning of transport and communication infrastructures, roads and highways, railways, and in the civil works, bridges, galleries and viaducts, we are committed to ensuring sustainability, whilst meeting the needs of the territory.

All our projects include design solutions and technical choices that respect the biodiversity and promote the conservation of the natural heritage.

When we plan a landmark we seek leading-edge solutions that can generate benefits for the environment, the territory, and people’s imagination towards the future.
Beauty and creativity, meeting the technological challenges, have always influenced the quality of humans’ life, and this is what we think about to realize iconic landmarks at their service.

Connecting worlds: people, societies, economies

Projects and works at the service of the communities


Building construction

Complementary to each client’s need – the value of independence

Two main factors make us different: we are an independent company that has no other interests than those of our client and a multidisciplinary structure providing integrated design. Counting on in-house architects, engineers, planners, plant builders, structural engineers increases the efficiency, reassures the client on the timing, and reduces costs.

Private individuals and investors that wish to realize a project, in all main fields – industrial, business and service – find in us a trustful partner for a wide range of activities: independent audit, due diligence, value engineering, works supervision and consultancy.
Moreover, we have received public acknowledgment for providing careful support and specific knowledge to the authorization process of our clients, and we offer expert advice on building regulations.

The in-depth expertise, our integrated team – with experts that are different and complementary at the same time – and the knowledge of the authorization processes, enable our clients to optimize timing and realize projects.

Infrastructures and territory