Search for the best path to solve the design challenge


Accurate analysis of each and every part of the project


Inclusion of all elements in the overall design system, evaluating the links with the other fields


Skills integration allows to complete a project within specified schedules, procedures and costs


Integrated Design – we have in-house experts from all disciplines at disposal, such as urban planning, architecture, plant systems, structures and infrastructures, to solve whatever challenge.

We design for humans, we think about who is going to use our work, we look into the future of the territories, we explore technologies, we want to be at the leading edge of innovation.

Guarantors of balance for collective interest Projects.

We firmly believe in the participatory design, among all stakeholders involved in the project, and in the shared design, on the territory, in the communities.

Sustainability at the forefront

Both for private and public buildings, the starting point of our process is to search for solutions that combine sustainability, innovation, creativity and new technologies for humans.

Sustainability is crucial in our way of design, and essential to consider a project.

We are constantly looking for lower-impact materials and systems. We know and implement, both in the project choices and the site management, the most advanced building technologies that provide the best performance, while reducing the use of natural resources and increasing the energy saving.

Politecnica’s commitment is to create Projects that have the lowest environmental impact, are energy efficient and people-oriented.


Managers with skills and wide-ranging experiences provide accurate management of the work development process, up to the final testing and commissioning.

We are used to do it, in Italy and abroad, according to the international best practices.

Independence is a core value. We are an independent company and we have no other interest than that of our client. This enables us to be a reliable and flexible partner for the clients that we accompany with great dedication in reaching their goals and realizing their projects.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT – it is part of our culture.

In Politecnica, the project management is expression of the ability to reach a goal, combined with the technical challenge, without ever losing sight of creativity and design innovation.

Inside the firm, we have all necessary skills to tackle each design challenge, knowledge of technical details and ability to consider the project in all its management process, especially costs and timing.

Our managers work in team with planners and technicians, speeding up work execution and controlling the investment costs.

The PMP Certification issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to Politecnica managers, makes the client certain that we have the ability to manage a project based on skills, tools and procedures, both theoretically and practically, acknowledged as the best ones at international level.

The PMP certified, and regularly updated, expertise of our professionals, enables to achieve the client’s goals in accordance with all essential features of each project, such as the work quality, the execution timing, the available resources, and the risk control.

Bid and Tender Support and Contracts

Technical Assistance


Health & Safety Coordination

Works Management and Supervision

Planning and Design

Project management and Consultancy

Master Plans

BIM Integrated Modelling

Checks and Testing

Feasibility Studies

Project Validation

We endorse the LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and Envision® policies that are the world’s best practices to develop green energy-efficient buildings ad infrastructures with a lower environmental impact. We support the client with the whole Certification procedure.

For us, UNI/PdR 125:2022, UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 Certifications of the Quality Management System and the UNI ISO 45001:2018 Environmental Management System are not only important for the quality of the projects and the environment protection, but also an approach aimed at the continuous improvement of our production process, as well of the operating and planning procedures.


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