Palazzo degli Affari

Place Florence
Country Italy
Client Firenze Fiera S.p.A.
Team Politecnica Ingegneria ed Architettura Soc. Coop. wih Arch. Elio Di Franco, Consilium S.r.l. e Ing. Riccardo Chiti
Assignment Definitive and detailed design phases for architecture, structures, MEP, health and safety coordination in the design and construction phases, site supervision
Dates of services 2018 - 2020
Dates of construction 2021
Project area 5.200 m2

The Project

Located near Florence’s historic railway station, designed in 1973 by architect Pierluigi Spadolini, Palazzo degli Affari occupies an area exceeding 5,000 square metres. Divided into five floors, it will undergo a complete redevelopment, transforming the Palazzo into a modern conference centre and exhibition space, designed according to the most advanced technological standards.

On an architectural level, the project involves the aesthetic and functional renovation of the building and, by combining high technology, innovation, functional and spatial optimization, aims to significantly implement the perceived level of quality, comfort and maximum orientation, while respecting the best ratio between the benefits and the overall costs of construction, maintenance and management.

The project prioritized the use of renewable resources to ensure high standards of maintenance, durability, compatibility of materials and components and the replaceability of elements.

The qualifying solution, elaborated in agreement with the client and the Superintendency, introduced several innovative and upgrading actions. On the ground floor, a new space will be recovered, enlarged with respect to the current building, in order to establish internal connections that from a logistical, managerial and functional point of view make it more efficient with respect to new and future needs.

The new interventions, respecting the existing architecture, will be well balanced and directly related with all the adjacent pre-existing buildings, such as the prestigious Villa Vittoria del Poggi. The intervention will contribute to enhancing the overall value of an area of the city affected by numerous works in progress that tend to strengthen and concentrate most of Florence’s conference and exhibition facilities in the Fortezza and surrounding areas.

In addition to the interventions listed above, the Palazzo degli Affari renovation project includes a series of further operations involving various areas, from the architectural and composition scale to the systems and structural scale, through an important theme linked to the restoration and rehabilitation of the external facades.

  • The reorganisation of the interior spaces includes the insertion of manoeuvrable walls to make the conference rooms more flexible, as well as the redevelopment of the toilets, the optimization of the technical rooms and distribution routes, as well as the complete restyling and technological upgrading of the rooms.
  • To complete the functions on the ground floor, a new corridor has been created on the back side of the building, to maximize the functionality and aesthetic features of the structure, considerably improving the use of the spaces, also thanks to the construction of a wide staircase connecting the various levels.