Park of Creativity| Modena

A space renovated thanks to intertwined history, development, and culture

Urban rehabilitation and regeneration of the "former AMCM" Industrial Archaeology compartment, with the inclusion of public functions such as cultural, exhibition, theatre and sports facilities, guesthouse, commercial surface and parking

The regeneration of Modena's ex-AMCM industrial area is a prime exemple of public-private partnership, where public goals and entrepreneurial visions interlaced, highlighting the potential of a place that is both challenging and fascinating. The interweaving of history, development and culture resulted in the new Creativity Park: an enjoyable space, dedicated to meeting, experimentation, art, and events, reinterpreting the industrial archaeology area, located in the center of the city, where, in the past, the large Power Plant and the adjoining buildings provided energy to the entire city.

Modena, Italy
C.M.B. Società Cooperativa Muratori e Braccianti di Carpi
2016 – ongoing
Urban regeneration
Integrated design,
Project Management,
Construction Management
ARKÈ Studio Associato

The Creativity Park area is sited in the heart of Modena, a few steps away from Piazza Grande; overlooking the belt boulevards, it is characterized by important evidence of industrial archaeology. The urban regeneration project aimed at functional recovery, enhancement of public heritage through the creation of a multifunctional meeting place for cultural promotion and connection with the city, contemporary life-focused.

Contemporary ways of living and experiencing the city are woven into the regeneration project, with the offer of renewed cultural and artistic events, entertainment, as well as support services, interpreted according to high standards of sustainability. Citizens and tourists will find in the Creativity Park public places dedicated to diverse forms of culture: an itinerary for street arts, already well established in the area, a square with flexible furnishings for exhibitions, shows or fairs, workshops, and a new lounge for summer cinema, in an entirely pedestrian area that enhances the historic buildings brought back to life.

Within the area, the Teatro delle Passioni stands out for its importance, whose organizational and functional choices were developed with respect for the historical and testimonial characters of the Bene and according to a participatory design shared with ERT (Emilia Romagna Teatri), which, with the Municipality of Modena, strongly wanted the New National Theater, with two halls; one of the halls is for rehearsals and performances, while the other, of great emotional impact, a large stage, the scenic tower, new dressing rooms and spaces dedicated to theatre companies.

The design of outdoor spaces, with connecting and aggregating pathways, the choice to pedestrianize the area, and to limit level parking at the edges, aim to enhance the buildings and urban landscape as a general.

The identified interventions and solutions targeted environmental sustainability through reduction of the energy impact resulting from the use of non-renewable energy sources. The whole design was developed to promote green areas and soft mobility. Flower beds and pools with hedges and trees were positioned on the promenade to shade and ventilate plazas and paths. Photovoltaic systems, the use of geothermal energy, and green facades increase the sustainability of the intervention, ensuring great possibilities for energy-environmental certifications.